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Get Prepared For College Fairs!

College fair season will be here before you know it! Attending a college fair is a great way to visit representatives from colleges and universities across the nation all in one place at the same time. You can ask questions about each college and submit your information so colleges can contact you with news, important dates and more. Plus, the free swag is awesome! Use the steps below to prepare for a college fair near you.

Educators, check out the News and Events page to learn about upcoming counselor only fairs.

Step 1: Visit

This site offers an abundance of information, including a list of college fairs in Oklahoma!



Step 2: Click "Students Register Now" and Select "Oklahoma"

To find the list of college fairs in Oklahoma, first click "Students Register Now," then click on the map over Oklahoma. The list is long, so look for events close to you!


Step 3: Download and Print Our College Fair Worksheet

College Fair WorksheetUse our College Fair Worksheet to help you decide which colleges you'd like to visit at the fair. The back of this worksheet has a list of questions to ask school representatives. This helps ensure you don't forget to ask an important question and allows you to jot down representatives' responses.


Step 4: Pick a College Fair and GO!

Now it's time to pick a college fair or two and attend. Don't forget to bring your college fair worksheet! Many college fairs are held on college campuses. Some virtual college fairs are also available! Whether taking virtual tours or visiting a college in person, make sure you have a copy of our Making the Most of Campus Visits Guide.

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